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Board of Directors

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Term Expiring 2025

Beth Atkinson

Board Member

Lyndsie Erlandson


Jen McCormack

Board Member

Term Expiring 2026

Brian Fasen

Board Member

John Getting

Vice President (interim through April 2025)

Sam Huber

Board Member

Term Expiring 2027

Sara DeVos

Board Member

Kayla Epsen


Chris Jensen


Phone: 320-492-1854

The SYHA Board of Directors is made up of nine volunteer members who are elected by the membership to share the workload of operating the hockey organization. 

Board Members play an essential role in making key business, funding, and operating decisions, ensuring the health of our organization. These positions require minimal hockey knowledge, instead adding value with experience in business, finance, marketing, fundraising, etc. The Board appoints members with hockey-specific expertise and credentials to the Hockey Operations Committee to lead the hockey strategy for the organization.

Board terms are three years in length.

Board FAQ’s

Is being a Board Member for me?
Before deciding to run for a Board position, consider whether you are able commit the time needed for the role. Expect to spend a minimum of 20+ hours per month during the planning months of May-September, with hours ranging from 10-20 per month during the season.

The workload of the association is shared not only by nine board members, but also member volunteers through committees and key association roles.  You can get involved anytime by overseeing or assisting with a committee that fits your area of expertise or interest, adding value with fresh ideas and opportunities for the association.  

Being a board member is a rewarding way to give back to your community, earn DIBS, and make an impact in your own hockey community. You will make decisions for all the kids in the association. The association has never been stronger, and NOW is a fantastic time to get involved!

How do I become a Board Member?
If interested in joining the SYHA Board of Directors, you are invited to attend monthly board meetings. Board meetings help gain knowledge about the work the board is doing, as well as commitment level, committee work, and open volunteer roles.

Each March, a board application is opened and emailed to members. Interested candidates are invited to apply before April 1st. At the annual meeting, candidates will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and share their reasons for wanting to join the board. Please highlight any experience you think will add value to the organization. Board applicants MUST have a current USA Hockey Volunteer/Coach number, clear background check, and completed Safesport to be added to the ballot. 

Duties of a Board Member:
Board Members are responsible for the operational and financial well-being of SYHA. This entails doing general duties throughout the association on weekends or weeknights. Responsibilities include:

  • Attendance at monthly Membership Meetings, as well as Committee Meetings and other special meetings required to handle the business of SYHA.
  • Attention to general SYHA business and demonstrating fiscal responsibility.
  • Overseeing a minimum of one association committee, including recruiting committee members.
  • Serving as a SYHA ambassador at events and functions.
  • Be available and responsive to handle association business via email and phone in a timely manner. 

Cannot commit to being a Board Member?
SYHA is entirely run by volunteers who are members of the association.  We are always looking for help with specific jobs that require one or more people to take complete ownership to maintain the association. There are various Volunteer Positions available, with varying time commitments and expertise, including: Volunteer Coordinator, Recruiting/Retention, Level Coordinator, Apparel, Fundraising/Sponsorship, Marketing, Website/Social Media, Family Mentor, Equipment, and Tournament Coordinator.