SYHA Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Sartell Youth Hockey Association. Without each family contributing time to fill the many hours, SYHA could simply not exist.  We greatly appreciate the work that everyone does to help make our children’s hockey experience a positive and enjoyable one and to make the SYHA program successful.  

Volunteer Policy:  Members are required to fulfill 10 hours of volunteer time for single player families and 20 hours of volunteer time for multi-player families.  As an SYHA member you are required to complete your volunteer hours before the end of the 2019-20 hockey season. * NOTE: Families are not required to complete DIBS for FIRST YEAR mites. 

Volunteer Requirements:  Many volunteer positions such as Locker Room Monitor and Team Manager require registration with USA HockeySafeSport Training and completion of a background check with MN Hockey screening.  

Dibs:  SYHA utilizes a volunteer sign-up system called Dibs.  After you register for this season, you can click on the Dibs tab in the navigation to see volunteer opportunities available throughout the season. You can also earn volunteer hours, or DIBS, by participating on a committee.  [Explore Committee Opportunities]

Team Obligations:  Travel team families will also be asked to support their team by performing certain jobs throughout the season. These jobs include scorekeeping, timekeeping, penalty box, locker room monitors and other obligations that are essential for the operation of your team. These hours do not count as part of the required 10 hrs/skater.

Cancellation: Cancellation of scheduled “Dibs” sessions is typically allowed up to three days prior to the event.  If the event is within 3 days or less, cancellation is not allowed.  If you cannot work your scheduled “Dibs” session, it is your responsibility to find a substitute.  Not showing up to a claimed DIB without a 48-hour cancellation will result in a $50 fine.